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Written by Shazia Ruybal Pesántez

An accurate method for identifying recent recombinants from unaligned sequences

We developed a new method to detect recent recombinant sequences without the need for a reference panel, and demonstrate its application to malaria parasite var genes that are highly recombinogenic.

By Qian Feng, Kathryn E. Tiedje, Shazia Ruybal-Pesántez, Gerry Tonkin-Hill, Michael F. Duffy, Karen P. Day, Heejung Shim, Yao-ban Chan in Research

January 13, 2022

Age-specific patterns of DBLα var diversity can explain why residents of high malaria transmission areas remain susceptible to Plasmodium falciparum blood stage infection throughout life

We characterized age-specific patterns of P. falciparum variant antigen gene diversity in residents of a highly endemic setting in Bongo, Ghana and used these data to simulate the development of variant-specific immunity over an individuals lifetime. This article has been accepted in International Journal for Parasitology.

By Shazia Ruybal-Pesántez, Kathryn E. Tiedje, Shai Pilosof, Gerry Tonkin-Hill1, Qixin He, Thomas S. Rask, Lucas Amenga-Etego, Abraham R. Oduro, Kwadwo A. Koram, Mercedes Pascual, Karen P. Day in Research

December 2, 2021

SARS-CoV-2 Multi-Antigen Serology Assay

We developed a luminex-based serological assay for measuring antibodies to a panel of SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory virus antigens.

By Ramin Mazhari, Shazia Ruybal-Pesántez, Fiona Angrisano, Nicholas Kiernan-Walker, Stephanie Hyslop, Rhea J. Longley, Caitlin Bourke, Catherine Chen, Deborah A. Williamson, Leanne J. Robinson, Ivo Mueller and Emily M. Eriksson in Research

October 9, 2021


The impact of indoor residual spraying on Plasmodium falciparum microsatellite variation in an area of high seasonal malaria transmission in Ghana, West Africa

We show how parasite genetics can be harnessed to better understand the efficacy of malaria control interventions, particularly by identifying key factors leading to parasite resilience that may not be reflected in other commonly used evaluation metrics. This work was chosen by the Molecular Ecology editors to be featured on their blog.

By Dionne C. Argyropoulos* , Shazia Ruybal-Pesántez* , Samantha L. Deed, Abraham R. Oduro, Samuel K. Dadzie, Maxwell A. Appawu, Victor Asoala, Mercedes Pascual, Kwadwo A. Koram, Karen P. Day* , Kathryn E. Tiedje* in Research

June 18, 2021

Publication Interview

Clinical malaria incidence following an outbreak in Ecuador was predominantly associated with Plasmodium falciparum with recombinant variant antigen gene repertoires

We describe the genomic epidemiology of continued malaria disease transmission in Ecuador after and outbreak and explore whether clinical cases are imported or locally-acquired.

By Shazia Ruybal-Pesántez, Fabian E. Sáenz, Samantha Deed, Erik K. Johnson, Daniel B. Larremore, Claudia A. Vera-Arias, Kathryn E. Tiedje, Karen P. Day in Research

April 15, 2021